In this blog post, I'm going to quickly go through seven Bloggify-related projects.

1. Bloggify Quick Start

This is a quick example of a Bloggify app. It comes with few sample pages and articles. The default theme is Light.

You can configure the app in the bloggify.js file. More technical details will be posted soon.

2. Custom Assets

Custom Assets is a very useful plugin to insert custom resources in your app. Using it you can inject custom CSS, JavaScript and server code. You can use this for app-specific code which is not reusable in other applications (in the moment it will be reusable, you may consider publishing it as a plugin). :cloud:

3. Bloggify SendGrid

bloggify-sendgrid is a plugin which makes it simple to send emails via SendGrid, from your Bloggify app. :email:

4. Emoji

Everybody loves emojis. :yum: They are so cute. :grin: Using the emoji plugin, you can add emoji in your Bloggify app (you just saw some on this page). The only thing you have to do is to install this plugin.

5. Plugins for databases

If you want to keep your database operations simple, you may want to use a plugin. Currently, bloggify-sequelize can be used to create Sequelize models and bloggify-mongoose for Mongoose models. :minidisc:

6. Flexible Router

The flexible-router plugin allows you to create a solid custom structure of routes and controllers. :globe_with_meridians:

7. GitHub Login

This plugin can be used to add GitHub OAuth authentication to your website. :octocat:

You may want to check out other Bloggify projects on GitHub.

And, of course, follow @Bloggify on Twitter to stay tuned. :tokyo_tower: