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Key Features

At Bloggify, we focus on maintaining a modular platform that is simple to use and still extensible, keeping the core minimal. Here are six reasons why Bloggify could be the perfect platform for your projects.


With Bloggify you can build friendly applications for humans, robots, and aliens. And it is easy!


The platform flexibility allows you to extend the core functionality with custom features.


You need your application to load fast. Bloggify uses several techniques to improve performance.

Reusable Templates

You can build reusable layout pieces of code to be used for multiple apps. For example, you can change the way how a blog app looks like, just by switching the template.


You can build RESTful API endpoints with ease. Using them, other developers can create third-party applications to access your app resources.

Developer Friendly

As a developer, you will like building applications with Bloggify. The developer tools and cross-platform features will make the developing process lovely.

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Check out the API documentation and start building your amazing project.

about our Company

The Company

Bloggify started as a side project in 2016, and then, slowly, the legal part was set up. That is how the company with the same name appeared.

While we are based in Romania, we have the joy to collaborate with people and companies across the globe.

We promote openness and flexibility and enjoy the power that the internet gives us.