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At Bloggify we build blogs, automation tools, scrapers and custom applications.

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Bloggify Features

At Bloggify, we focus on maintaining a modular platform which is simple to use and still extensible, keeping the core minimal.


With Bloggify you can build friendly applications for humans, robots and aliens.

Reusable templates

You can build reusable layout pieces of code to be used for multiple apps. For instance, you can change the way how a blog app looks like, just by switching the template.


You can build RESTful API endpoints very easily. Using them, other developers can create third-pary applications to access your app resources.

Plugin System

The plugin system makes Bloggify very extensible allowing you to add more custom features and change the core functionality.

Fast & light

Bloggify's performance is awesome. Caching techniques are used (both on server and client) to speed up the things.

Resource Bundling

Bloggify optimizes your app resources for production, making your website very fast.


Meet Beky

Meet Beky—the Bloggify mascot. She is smart, fast, agile and cute.

During your experience with Bloggify, Beky will guide and help you.

What makes her a special owl is the newspaper hat, the notebook and the pen. That's giving her publishing super-powers.

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