The Bloggify Logos

This page contains the Bloggify logos and related assets.

Do these awesome things...

  • Use the Bloggify mascot, logo, or mark to link to Bloggify.
  • Use the Bloggify mark to tell the world your product was built with Bloggify.
  • Use the Bloggify logo or mark in a blog post or news article about Bloggify.
  • Use the Bloggify mark in the Bloggify-related projects, such as plugins and themes.

Please, do not...

  • Use any Bloggify artwork for your application’s icon.
  • Modify the Bloggify mascot, logo, or mark.
  • Use or sell any Bloggify artwork without permission.
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images.
  • Integrate any Bloggify artwork into your logo.

Naming projects and products

Please avoid naming your projects anything that implies Bloggify’s endorsement. This also applies to domain names. If not sure, contact us.

Contact Us

Please let us know before using artwork not included in this repository. If you have any other questions, let us know.